RED CUBE 2016- present
Multi-channel video installation 

RED CUBE, is a multidisciplinary immersive experience that retraces fragments of a boy’s childhood memories and dreams born in Damascus. The story of a perpetual exile between his imaginary world and the physical reality, longing for a lost homeland.

An ongoing process to breakthrough or setback the vicious circle between the past and the present that each of us could somehow be trapped in at some point in our life. This constant out of place that we always try to escape.

RED CUBE is an emotional journey that explores the negative space between traditions, histories, and cultures specific in time and space. It’s an attempt to be liberated from the definition of self-identity or belonging.

I started to work on this project right after I lost my father in 2016 with the first experimental video titled “road song...”.

road song... 2020
9 min 30

“ Is it not an act of freedom to free yourself from your past and let go of your memories?” 

In 2016, I traveled from New York to Beirut via Paris, to finally reach Damascus where my mother still lives. Twenty hours of travel separates New York from Damascus, I crossed and retraced twenty years of separation from my native city. Perhaps, the very act of movement, the traveling phase, far from everyday distractions generates a quest for self.

RED CUBE is an essay that tempts a long search for truth. The complex and vague relationship that I have with my origins, the rupture I created with what was supposed to be my homeland, and the absence of homesick feelings; make me think that the closer we get to the truth, the further we move away from our reality.