You, Syria, locked in your solitude
Me, trapped in my liberty
Isn't it true that man destroys what he builds?
Overwhelmed by hatred and vengeance
The urge to rule and to be measured by God
The origin of evil, a battlefield
Goes may be to eternity, to the Epic of Giligamesh
Isn't it about time for a second flood ?

Over The Cliff  2008 - 2012
12 C-prints
45 x 30 cm

I worked on this series of photographs between 2008 - 2012 during my periodical visits to my parents, who still live in Damascus.

The choice of a big format was imposed by my strong desire to unveil and expose these scenes suffocated by a complex history and marked by the mixed traces of humans and nature's survival.

As I was reading these pictures, they revealed to me the exterior look that I have for Syria: a  certain detachment emptied from feelings and memories, a huge rocky mountain consisting of distance and time separating one from the other.

The photographs reveal the absence, the loss of forms and signs, a desperate measure to be detached from history. They are far away from historical imaginations, buried under the darkness of silence, cry out they mournning of bygone ages, civilizations and ancient glories.