apoptosis is an multimedia installation of photography, sculpture, and video. Exhibited in an immaculate white space, apoptosis will be a reflection on the loss of identity and the auto-destruction of the individual within the context of a globalized society.

Ascension 2014 
13 Lambda prints
160 x 90 cm

Drawing from the representation of the murder-suicide act and its tragic instant, the installation will develop, through a interdisciplinary language of art (sculpture, video, photography), a series of reflections on the complex issues and origins tied to this destructive practice.

Beyond just exploring the this tragic act, apoptosis will also serve as a communal space for contemplation and meditation, questioning our understanding of the relationship between victim and assailant. The notion of crime thus detaches itself from its current sociopolitical definition and attempts to uncover a reality that is unmoored by binary opposition.

The nihilist act, a product of our contemporary society, is it not just simply a blinding of  our conscience? From this point, apoptosis looks to retrieve a state of agreement that transgresses our own prejudices and illusions.

Faith 2015
1 min 35