" In the middle of the journey of our life,
I found myself in a dark wood, for the straight way was lost (…); the first sentences in The Divine Comedy by Dante.
This does not mean that before coming to the middle of this journey, life is full of craziness and irresponsible acts, and then come the quiet years as deluges become more violent.
No, it means that we the new generation have to deliver the answers.
We are from this generation where immemorial turns into history. The old ones invented a way to talk to people, a way to talk about people, invented God, invented mathematics, invented literature and science. Ours has a mission of another aspect: it is the responsibility towards history, towards the Armenian people, or even towards those who existed before or will exist after them.
Let this Exposition be a summons to recognize the other, all others."

Yves Estève, Paris  May 2002

Armenians The Silence of The Stones
April 24 - May 8, 2002
Cite Universitaire de Paris

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Anatolia 1914 - 1918
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